Friday, April 13, 2012

of Ronnie's updates

well, this post is about Ronnie. My poor Ronnie. just had a operation last week. The lump on his paw suddenly grow very fast and it bursted. he was bleeding non stop and had to ave a emergency operation to remove the toe and now he is left with 3 on his paw. i made the decision to save his life, not knowing if the lump is posing a danger to his life or not but i just remove it to have a safe piece of mind.

 my brave ronnie, now recovering from the operation and i am glad that everything turns out well and he is on the route to recovery. at least if i go overseas, i know that he is fine.

no matter 4 toe or 3 toe, he is always my brave Ronnie boy and i love him

i love Ronnie and i love my PEN

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