Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My First Dog Training ~woof woof

woof woof, it me again. Ronnie. so long liao no update cos jie jie feeling down so i am accompany her wor.

some Arsehole complain abt ppl walkin dog unleash lor then te AVA ppl come leh.say i cannot stay in te hse wor. jie jie beri sad...cry every nite...i also beri upset. but nvm, jie jie promise me she will try her best to let me stay in the hse lor..

so she go to the extreme of visiting te MP Dr Vivian abt me...she say everyone so surprise cos first time ppl approach MP cos of te dog...jie jie bring me to see a vet take my weight n height then a certification sayin my vital statistics..hehe...shhhhhh..dun tell u my weight....i only 37cm tall lah...weight is secret leh...anyway..jie jie force me to go on a diet for the past few wks until recently ..cos she n mama saw me so poor thing..decided to make me do more exercise but retain te food amt lor..sigh....beri tough leh...

jie jie also bring me for lesson liao...first lesson -> SIT...i already noe liao leh...dunnoe y still ask me to do wor..but hor..after tat jie jie force me to practise every nite wor..until i beri tired leh....

shhhh.....think someone is comin...better hide fast...

woofing all the way.....


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