Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Scramble Eggs mixed Rice

Since Ron is tired of eating boiled egg, decided to change the receipe for awhile....SCRAMBLE EGGS!!!

2 Eggs
a little butter
Brown Rice(cooked)

1. Make into McDonald Style -> not fully cooked.
2. Mixed with Brown rice and serve when cool....

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Miss me? Woof!Woof!

since a long time i last touch jie jie's pc leh. shh....no one is at home now. Ger GEr go sailing liao lor. yesterday morning he left for south China SEa n only be back on te 12th. Jie jie say he will b goin on another trip on te 16th. this time will b australia Darwin wor..jie jie say if got sell doggie stuff, will ask Ger Ger to buy bk for me..woooooof...so happy

Recently i getting fatter n fatter leh. jie jie bought durian for mama but ended up i eat most of it cos mama say since i like so i take more..keke. then every wkend, jie jie will cook special meal for me leh. like swiss balls, meat patties and jie jie say she goin to bake cookie for me..aiya..she say since beginin of te yr and i only eat once then no more liao..but she busy lah...must wash car, brin me walk ....then aerobi lah...beri busy..

anyway, her hammies all gone liao..now i am truly , rightful te king of the house..see? i get to roll on jie jie's, ger ger's,mama's bed leh..and they din even scold me..especially jie jie..she even play with me on te bed keke...sometimes she let me zzzz on her bed with air con woooooofffff....shiok rite?

today jie jie got aerobi again..dunnoe wat time she will come bk but she will come bk to put her things first lor then drive out later...now 5pm liao...she will b coming hm soon...

wooffff.....bye ...Woofing away

Hugs n Paws frm


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