Sunday, September 19, 2004

Naughty Boy

Ah visited ronnie today as usual, but notice that he's quite "tired" today then learnt that he has taken some medication for some vomiting mabbe that's the cause of it...Tried to make him do some "jumps" but today dunno why he doesn't listen to me..even when I tempt him wif treats, he wants to eat but he dosen't want to "jump" to get it... when I tried to get him to jump, he ran away and hid under the sofa...put the treats close to him, he snatch it and gulp it down immediately..real naughty dog, mabbe he noes even if he dosen't do any tricks he also will get his treats...
Then took him downstairs in the evenings to do his business, tried to get him to come to us unleashed but the moment he's downstairs he's in a whole of his own sniffing and looking here and there I think he's lookin for matter how we call him he dosen't respond...urghhh....
then I took him to search for cats in the hope that he will not bark at them so often if he sees them more often...1st round saw 2 cats, he very good wanted to chase them at 1st glance but he never bark and when I tugged his leash he came wif me no fuss..then 2nd round wanted to show to my darling shirley (tot he obedient now) went to the same cat but now he bark and bark the moment he saw the cat..have to pulled him away from the scene...urghh..dunno how to control this dog and make him more obedient...dosen't even want ppl to trim the fur on his paws..
he would be a more more likeable dog if he's slighty more responsive and obedient but he's still very likeable now..
didn't manage to take pics of him today cos most of the time he's hiding under the sofa...

Ronnie's Sunday

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Ronnie's Nemesis

This post beta write as third person cos hard to write as 1st person(ronnie) haha.
Been busy with school work (reports, reports and more reports) thus the delay...
Haha anwyay visited ronnie(as usual) on Sun. That dog as usual so mischevious patrolling the whole hse over and over again...
Then I struck a "want to hit him" posture with is toy seal and he actually sway one side as if want to avoid...of cos i have no intention of hitting him lah..Dote on him too.. then found that he's quite hesistant to walk pass me unless I tell him "GO" then he will scurry pass me...Seems he quite afraid of me haha mabbe it's cos I am still "strange" to him that's why he don't dare to try his "stunts" on me..
Then I tried to entice him to do tricks of cos with the aid of treats lah..then got him to "jump and turn" many times... but then I think during one of his jumps, he knock his teeth my hand then he don't want to jump liao..dunno y mabbe he thinks he bitten me? or that his teeth hurts because of the collision? anyway he's improving already learning alot of tricks's always treats for trick haha
then took him down to do his biz, well this time he saw a CAT, then his barking starts again... and he wanted to chase the cat of cos I have to stop him, beat his backside then pull him away..after that his barking stopped and whenever he tried to look in the direction of the cat, I will shout "No" then dunno y his head will turn away...mabbe he does understand "No". This ronnie ah getting lazier..seems he don't want to walk out of his territory... I tried to walk him to the private housing near Raffles JC but then he just sit down there and refuse to move an inch until I gave up and walk back to him then he stand up and start walking back in the direction of the hse...even when I try to lead him to the mini garden on the 2nd floor also have to carry him up the stairs else he will not move up the stairs...clever huh this dog...Whenever he's downstairs he would start "hunt" for cats..sniffing around and probing underneath the bushes...

Updated by Mickoe
- Ronnie learns how to kiss kiss ..Yeah!!!!

- He eats Broccoli and Carrots haha...

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Animated Ronnie

Hihi....its me!! Ronnie again..longtime i neber update my blog liao. Today MaMa and jie jie went to get her free gift...(although there is a DV recorder at home but jie jie say this is free one frm SingNet so she go collect...) Today she play with the recorder and took some of my sunday activites @ home wor...she convert to a realmedia file (jiejie say not so clear cos the file compress liao wor) so tat can put here..but no sound...sob sob....if wan a sound copy, jie jie say email to her so that she can send to u lor...woof woof
jie jie also say if u wan to view the media file must download the real media player download ->
Today mama cook carrots and chicken meat for me leh...jie jie say Haz jie jie 's shadow got eat carrots wor and she borrow books also say vege good for mama put abit abit of carrots for i waiting for her to cook lor..yummy...

But the cooking so long...i beri xian...mama go disturb my ear ear keke

After i wait n wait then the food is ready..yummy..i first finish te meat meat haha..then i eat the vege ...yummy....

or dowload here

File 1

File 2

File 3

File 4

Saturday, September 11, 2004

New Pics

Ronnie, kapoing about wat we are seeing...also wan to see

Also dun noe wat he wan to see

The Ah Beng Dog

Showing off his new T-Shirt....

The Model

Thursday, September 09, 2004

a shock of my life

got a shock of my life when i reached home frm work yesterday cos my bro told me that Ronnie step on something that hurt his paw and he is behaving oddly. Normally he will sit with this legs open for my mum to clean him after his walk and yesterday he just wan to hide under the sofa...and refused to let my mum touches his paw paw...he kept on licking it. I also tried to see wat happen but he just simply refused to let us do so. I got panick cos he is my bao bei..started calling Dap and Haz to ask them any help ...
Soory guys ( haz and Dap) cos i abit gan jiong over Ronnie as he is so small only..(1 yr old) then beri bao bei in our family..yesterday we cannot eat n sleep cos Ronnie Foot is hurt... At about 930, started to see some black color ants walking ard the floor ( long time never see ants liao..guess they are frm Ronnie paw paw..cos he likes to play on the grass nowadays...) mayb this is te reason y his paw paw is hurt cos the ants bite him...... Bad ants!! nvm..took revenge on the ants liao...i killed them haha...leave none alive..who ask them to bully Ronnie...humph ...... Ronnie' s elephant skin came back again ..guess mayb we bring him out for walks n he likes to lie down on the road...and got the skin problem bk again...going to grab medicine for him this sat

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Ronnie's supporter

told Ronnie's black sunday story to my yoga teacher haha..she supported ronnie haha..she even told me that y didnt i told the b*** that Ronnie has 6th sense and sensed that she is a no goody person tats y he bark at him haha...i tot so too (after i came back).. cos ronnie is always well behaved at home...except barking a walking neighbours and newspaper man and the sweeper but when we told him to kept quiet, he will stop...but this B**** , no matter how many times we told him not to bark , he still continue..odd fellow...actually frankly speaking, i tot howcome Ronnie's aiming is so poor one? spat on her pants only? should spat onto her face...if into her mouth is lagi best...*evil* rite? yes i am...i am very protective over my Ronnie..humph...My Yoga teacher also told me that some ppl are tat bo liao...came all the way to let yur dog bark and accused your dog of barking at him first..haha..cos she encounter this bfore also ...think ppl just trying to b funny...nevermind...couldnt b bother with these ppl unless they come to disturb or provoke me

well, something funny happen to Ronnie mum is cooking Mei cai kou Rou yesterday, he is aiming at te mei cai kou rou all the time , hoping my mum will give him a piece cheeky that he even stood there looking at us during dinner and wagging his tail at the same time...hmmm...

Last nite he climb up to my bed again...tis time he is smart...he walk up to my face to peep if i am sleeping bfore settling down at my pillow side ( cos my face is turned facing the other side)...little he noe that i am aware of his mischief and haha....i rolled over and make him jump down my bed ...haha

New trick learn -> hopping haha..he noes how to hop

Monday, September 06, 2004

Ronnie's black sunday and mine too....

Brought Ronnie for his regular morning walks...something happened ->Read

Managed to feed Ronnie with his deworming pills haha..with bread balls ( pill n cheese inside, bread outside made into a ball) hhaha...Yeah..mission accomplished..

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Ronnie's Annual Jab

Brought Ronnie for his annual jab at the Animal Clinic today. Dr Grace Heng was not on duty..but cos just a jab so i just let te other vets do the job then...Faint....Ronnie has create a havoc there cos he simply refuse to go up the weighting te end we have to carry him up to weigh him...-> 12.6 kg haha...

Next is the injection part..Ronnie refused to let the Vet go near him to listen to his heart beat and when the injection needle comes near, he turn ard and wanting to bite the vet..lucky her reaction was fast and mine too...i pull ROnnie away lor... Then with the nurses help, the major task is completed. Finally.....haha...was given te deworming tablet..was told that Ronnie is adult doggie liao..1 yr 1 mth old he needs to deworm every 3 mths....te tablets is soooo huge..still thinking how to feed him...nevertheless..mayb tomolo have to coax him to eat lor....pian ta to eat haha...

Ronnie @ Driver seat...

Refusing to get off the driver seat

Play ground Trip

On our way to the play ground

Cleaning up

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