Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dog dials 911, saving owner

IT saved its owner's life with a nifty trick - calling for emergency services after he had a seizure.

Mr Kevin Weaver (above), had suffered a diabetic seizure and passed out in his Florida home in February.

Next week, the beagle will receive an award in Washington D.C. for her deed.

Belle will also get to meet its congressman, and accept a certificate and a medal from him.


The 3-year-old pooch has been hailed as a hero because it used Mr Weaver's handphone to call for help when the 34-year-old collapsed in his kitchen, reported The Washington Post.

The seizure rendered the ex-flight attendant unconscious and unable to call for help.

That was when Belle sniffed out his handphone and chomped down on the keypad, triggering a call to 911.

The dispatcher who picked up her call heard only Belle's barks, but that was enough for him to send help.

They got to Mr Weaver in time, and sent him to the hospital with Belle watching over him in the ambulance.

Doctors later told him that if Belle had not made the call, he would probably have died.

Because of his condition, Mr Weaver had sent Belle for special training to sense when his blood-sugar levels were not normal using her keen sense of smell.

If he collapses, Belle was also trained to bite down on his handphone on the number '9', which was programmed to speed-dial 911.

Mr Weaver said that he suspected something was wrong on the day he collapsed because he had woken up dizzy and nauseous.

'(Belle) started scratching at me and whining,' Mr Weaver said.

'I thought maybe it had to go to the bathroom, not hitting on what was going on. I took it outside and brought it back in, and that's when I had the seizure.'

Belle's act earned her the honour of being the first animal to receive the Vita Wireless Samaritan Award, presented annually by the CTIA Wireless Foundation.

The foundation honours those who use their wireless phones to save lives, stop crime or help in other emergencies.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Jie Jie bought new camera..can take pic beri fast..see? i on candid camera

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