Monday, April 25, 2005

updates ,updates

well..woof..long time no update liao...cos i beri sad for ge ge went ns liao. i so surprise to see him on sat leh....nearly couldnt recongnised him. but he went bk last nite liao. must wait for this coming sat then can see him again.woof woof

time realli flies leh. i with new jie jie for 9 mths liao leh. jie jie say i no hav bday so will take her instead. she say she order a bday cake n some nice nice food for me from a doggie bakery leh...she show me te pic last nite..she carry me to her chair n show me the pic on her pc. looks tasty leh..yum melting cheeze on top...jie jie say inside is my fav chicken meat wor...she say i must b gd gd boy...and she also ordered muffins for me ..this thur i go freshly bake muffins liao lor..yummy...heehee...but i miss te cupcakes lor..but nvm....must try te muffins lor...hope will b as gd as te cupcakes..woof woof...

jie jie coming home soon liao lor..woof woof....goin to wait for her at the door..buai buai

Friday, April 08, 2005

Cupcake Story

Bought 2 cupcakes for Ronnie to cheer him up since ger ger left for NS. He gobble up in one go..must b beri delicious.....haha..still left one keeping it for him tomolo

inside, got eggs, supplements, and one big piece of chicken..and is only 2 bucks....also bought one for shadow haha...hope he likes it...

will buy more since Ronnie loves it..for the past few days he not eating much..mayb sian of his food or missing ger now..haha...cupcakes rules.......

Look here ...

Look there....

Smell nice....whats tat??

A Cup CAKE???

Yummy....i am a satisfied puppy...woof woof

Thursday, April 07, 2005

i so sad. Ger Ger left for NS this morning liao. woooooffff howl...woooofffff.....
these fews days i always hear Ger Ger telling me "bye bye...ger ger goin liao..." at first i dun quite understand wat he i noe liao..last nite i saw him packing his bags...Ger ger goin somewhere far far for quite sometime...Jie Jie say he wont b back 2 weeks plus later ...wooofffff...howllllwoooofffffffff

I goin to miss him leh..Jie jie see me like tat also jek xim.....but i couldnt help myself..cos realli goin to miss him so much appetite to eat, no mood to play....just wan to follow ger ger ard, when he at home..i wan to spend more time with him......Ger ger left home he should b on way or reach tekkong liao.....

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