Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Something Funny to share

1. Ronnie kena "woo" by a male dog name milo haha. This little chap name Milo kept on chasing Ronnie,molesting his butt haha...Ronnie got so scare that he run and hide behind me haha

2. Chicken is just his fav food. My Mum was cooking chicken for praying purpose on Sun, she later chopped the chicken for us to eat ( after praying) then Ronnie stood there quietly looking at her hoping for her to giv him one piece to eat...my mum say he beri pitiful, ask me to bring him outside then i carry him to the living room and the moment he was put on the floor, he ran and return to his standing position again.. this boy huh....cannot tahan him..realli wan to make ppl laugh

3. "gai gai" = magic word...no matter how tired or busy he is, the word gai gai seems to be very sensitive..when gai gai is shouted, he will jump up and go to fetch is harness and leash and wants us to bring him go gai gai....the action is so cute that we always make fun of him

4. Ronnie aka the super dog with super strength...the new lease that i bought for him is actually for medium size dog n he managed to broke the leash into 2 while going for walks...nvm...we change into the one for BIGGER dogs ( like Golden retriever) haha...so if he breaks it again...ermmmmmm...then no comments liao

5. Nite time, Ronnie noes when i am going to sleep , when i switch off my lights, he will quickly ran inside my room and on to his bed to make sure that he is not shut out of my room...Smart rite? well, he sleeps on a blanket which my mum bought for him anyways....he also watch TV with me until i fully switch off my TV , only then he then sleep else he will watch TV ...???

New Updates -> Dated 01/09/2004
6. Ronnie aka the kaypo dog...always wan to see wat we are seeing. Yesterday we are looking out the door and Ronnie kept running towards the door and jumping up n down to see wat we are seeing...of cos he too "short" cannot see..so have to carry him up to let him see until he "suang" then he willing to come down....win liao rite? haha....

haha..Ronnie has bought us alot of laughters, although sometimes he make ppl angy but haha..i think laughter is more than anger

Monday, August 30, 2004

Ronnie's day @ the playground

Hi all, will post soon. Waiting for the free gift frm singnet ->Digital CamRecorder ( cheap one but can use mah) haha...so will have MTV ( betta pre order now--->Dun wait)

Another Sunday

Haha today daddy came to visit me again...he gave me a green bone, he said that after eating this bone, it will freshen my breath.. so i grobled up the bone in double quick time although it's a bit hard..today mummy dunno praying for wat and giving some offerings so naturally there's alot of food around... too bad she dun let me eat all the yummy food...then I am a very good boy today, the door was opened all day but I didn't dare to venture out without mummy coming with me...see am I a good boy?daddy also bought a blue raincoat for me, too bad I can't fit into the raincoat cos I am too big for it oh well dun have nice raincoat to wear liao...cannot go out and play water when it's raining...Guess that also mean no gai gai when it's raining liao...wooooof woooof(sob... sob...) Later in the evenings, daddy and mummy took me out to do my "business" hehe so excited ..going out I was jumping around with joy, and grandma had such a hard time putting on the harness for me...after walking for a while around my "toilet" area, I saw a CAT!!, naturally i wan to chase away the cat..for wat reason I also dunno why guess this must be my dog instinct..but the cat was very brave despite my aggressive stance towards it it still refuse to budge from it's resting place..but i am unable to proceed further cos daddy was much too strong for me and just pulled me away from the place, my backside got a smack from him also ouch pain pain... then he took me to the playground to play...haha I ran down the slide again and again went through the tunnel and out again...so fun but I was a bit tired after a while...so I just laid down at a convenient spot and refuse to move again...these few days short of stamina woof woof!...then sensing that i was tired, mummy and daddy decided to take me home...while walking towards our block a small little dog suddenly dashed out from nowwhere and started to sniff at me...of cos i am terrifed by this small creature..it's owner called it "Milo", I think it's a male..but a male sniffing at me? of please I am not a gay dog, I go for females...but this Milo is like a gay keep advancing towards me..until I had to hide behind mummy to get away from this gay dog...then mummy and daddy talk to the owner for a while after which he took away that gay milo...phew...Once back, I immediately went to rest, so tired....
looking forward to the next Sun when daddy will visit me again...

By the way I have my very own Yahoo!Geocities website liao it's at www.geocities.com/ronniethedoggie , daddy uploaded all the photos he took with his handphone there but mummy haven't ..they will start to work on my personal website when they are free..haha will inform everyone when my very own site is ready..

"Look! I am standing.."

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Mummy's Hand

Thanks for all your concern My mum she is feeling much beta. Her hand is less swollen and the bleeding has stopped. guess it takes time for the hand to heal. No worries.

Ronnie is doing fine..except some weird behaviour that he start to have nowadays...very odd..like barking in the middle of te nite where noone is ard, barking at the air when no one is ard....ermmmm..very eeeerrrriiiieeee.....

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Ronnie's Diary @ Yesterday

well well, i was sick yesterday and didnt turn up for work ( on MC). After the biting my mum incident on Mon's night, it seems that Ronnie noes he is in wrong n was rather well behave on the Mon's night ( no barking @ neighbours, no following behind ppl like me,bro n mum or even dad) ...just sitting there quietly looking at us pitifully. Y he bit my mum? Couldnt understand also...my mum just wanted to mop the floor and help Ronnie up to the sofa and then he just turn ard n bite her..till now the teeth marks are still there although the bleeding stop =(.

Yesterday not so bad except when after i took my medicine and fallen asleep he is up to his mischives again like barking at neighbours =X and patrolling ard te house ..very busy dog..alot of things to do...

This morning is lagi worst..now he is jumping on my bed and sleeping directly under the air con cos he is very hot? i also dun noe...or is it due to the 7th lunar mth that he is behaving oddly?? hmmmm....we will try n see....

BTW, alot of ppl commented how handsome Ronnie is haha..me n my mum are soooo proud haha..of cos, other than the bitting and barking...afterall he is a very gd puppy

Monday, August 23, 2004

Botanic Gardens Trip

Yeah, today daddy came to visit me and guess wat he brought wif him? S_A_U_S_A_G_E_S!!! my favorite chicken sausage guess mummy told him that I love it..yum yum I ate half the length of it today..then today daddy also bring a new bandana for me blue color..nice nice
waiting patiently for evening to come then I can go gai gai haha..mummy said we would be going to Botanic Gardens today, What place is that? I don't know, guess must be a fun place...anyway who cares as long as I can go out and play..
In the afternoon, we set off on grandpa's bus, I was very excited keep jumping up and down the bus moving up and down waiting to arrive at the destination..Finally we arrive at this "botanic gardens" but nothing much to see leh all trees and grass all the same ..Weather today is very hot, the moment the door opened I immediately dashed out and start to run about the place..I walk and walk until I grew tired then I just lay down there to rest, weather super hot..no matter how hard mummy and daddy tried to get me to move, I also don't care..tired lah..then finally daddy gave up and carried me..they brought me to a strange place where I saw many mes..many dogs same look as me..I am so scared I ran away and hide...but the other dogs keep coming over to smell me ...then I saw some beautiful female dogs, so I tried to went over to introduce myself but they do not seem to be interested in me..Oh bother..females, don't know wat they are thinking...oh bother I rather go back to my rest...then I saw the dogs do some tricks...they all so stupid, I don't have to do any tricks I still can get treats haha..
After a few hours at the Gardens, we set off for home,daddy got off halfway and I tried to follow but mummy pulled me back...so I just stared at daddy to say "goodbye" to him as daddy dun like me to bark...
ah a tired sunday for me again...go back must have a good sleep

waiting to go gai gai

Finally, Gai Gai time!

Tired me at Botanic Garden "Ah finally can rest"

die die also don't move

Finally, Go home time Hurray!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Ronnie Updates

A very busy and tiring day for Ronnie as he came home dead beat tired and sleeping all the way after his dinner..yups...understand that sleeping straight after dinner is a NO NO cos it will make one grow fat but Ronnie couldnt be bother with that haha...

Brought him for morning walks at the big longkang near my plc. Think he is getting used to us better as we always bring him for walks. He is a gd companion for walks ( wonder if we can say that beforehand)..well, accompany me,my dad n my mum for walks lor. trying to make my dad lose weight..hopefully Ronnie DOESNT lose his weight too much...
Ronnie is getting very pampered nowadays and it seems that we have spoilt him..hmm..but too bad..he is like a baby in our family and all of us dote him like mad haha..

Brought him to his first cocker spaniel outing...unfortunately, he is not realli "IN" to it cos the weather is too hot and he actually "REFUSED" to walk and kepts on hiding under the shades and my mum needs to carry him all around the botanic gardens (even treats also cant do its wonders)...while he just simply refused to listen to me and let me carry u can see my mum carrying him in one of the pics below. We managed to took some "family" photos (me,my bf and Ronnie) and (Ronnie, mum and Dad)...sad...my bro is not here with us cos he is busy with his papers (preparing for his As)
else u will see my handsome brother here haha during the outing, he also refused to co-operate with us...and kept on yawning and yawning "hinting" us that he is very TIRED..and guess wat? the moment he reaches home, he is full of energy...see?? how naughty he is?

Will post bigger pics in the album so that u all can see...but in the meantime, here are some of the shots taken haha..

Family Photos


Saturday, August 21, 2004

New Pics!!! Cute??

Friday, August 20, 2004

Taken using my HP V200

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Something extra

Happen to write this on my blog. No...it is not about Ronnie. but it is more about adopting dogs which i find it rather uneasy. I am not purposely gonig to bad mouth ppl but just wan to let ppl know that actually there is this thing happening ard.

to read ->
Post 1:

Click here
Post 2:

Click here

Ppl are free to give comments on my post as well.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Its too much!!

Humph...Ronnie...humph....I dote Ronnie so much n yet he still neber give me his paw paw when i ask but when my dad comes home, he will go there on his own to give his paw paw without asking..sob sob.... its not far...he sleeps with me, play with me, eat wif me ,bring him for walks in the mornings,buy him treats....Y? Y? Y? sob sob......y my dad n not me...??????

Monday, August 16, 2004

Sunday 15Aug 2004

today is Sunday 15 Aug 04, as usual my daddy came to visit me today, aiyah but he never bring any snacks for me....humph then I dun bother abt him already..no snacks no ronnie haha but he still got feed me some of the yummy treats haha but he very bad he did not put the food directly into my mouth must make me stand then can reach the food...today's weather not very good, the sky's quite dark so I guess mummy and daddy cannot take me to far to explore the area...but nvm... haha then later they took me down for me to do my business after that they took me to the playground to play...haha I climb up the stairs and ran down the slide...I am a clever dog ah? haha but I can't run down the longer slides and i lost my footing, luckily daddy managed to pull the leash to prevent me from knocking my head against the slide..so in the end only got a small knock...then they brought me back..so sad, that's the end of my outing...and didn't see any CATS either else u would see how good is my "cat frightening/chasing skills"...by now I already know the way back so mummy release my harness and I ran all the way back from the lift to home and finally I can rest haha...then grandma made me 2 hardboil eggs ...ummmmm..yum yum I feel I am such a blessed dog...

this is me resting under the sofa can see me? daddy's e700a lousy leh

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Collecting Ronnie's Lic

Went for a morning jog with my parents this morning together wif Ronnie boy. later eat breakfast at te market with him. Followed by going out together to collect his dog lic. haha....below are some of the pics we took...and now ronnie is sleeping after taken his bath..haha

In the bus -> wif new bandana haha...smart rite? handsome leh....

In the bus -> siting on the seat....

In the bus -> Looking at the scenary....

In the bus -> Map, looking for where is the plc....

At Home -> his lic....

At Home -> me n Ronnie....

At Home -> Tired liao..Sleeping....

At Home -> Wats uppzzzz....

At Home -> Deadbeat tired....

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Ronnie's Updates

hi its me again. Ronnie is not so free nowadays and ask me to write for him instead. Why? cos he is busy with my HAMSTERS!!! Following my BROTHER!! Disturbing MY Brother haha...nevertheless, we still love him very much lah..no worries... haha..Last nite he is sooo cute...guess wat he did? He open my brother's room's door and went inside to disturb him. my brother actually "trick" him in coming to my room but when he is about to turn and leave, Ronnie ran all te way to his rm and refused to come out haha..no matter how much "Ronnie, come come" haha he also heck care.

He is so poor thing kena chase out by my brother and when he sees my mum, he walks and lay beside her for comfort haha...(yang orh) haha...so funny..we couldnt stop laughing last nite..

he also become beri kapo haha..the other day there was a dinner function at the community centre..there are celebrations and band music he stood at my door there trying to figure out wat is it..haha..so i carry him up to let him see..=) only until he satisfied only then he is willing to come down...haha..

This morning lagi funny...i on the radio he tot there are someone outside the door and he ran all the way to the door and bark haha...so silly...Ronnie has brought us so much laughters these days haha

Oh well, bought him more treats for training him..now he is able to "stand" ( provided if there are treats...). My mum cooks him meat on 1,3,5 and Sun will be eggs haha...guess he is now at home pastering my dad instead...

Cheeky Ronnie

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Woof woof it's me ronnie the dog again...haha today my daddy come to visit me and bought wif him some yummy chicken dog treats with him..didn't get to see the packaging properly but guess it must be "pedigree"..Yum yum taste good but daddy very bad, want me to stand then let me eat but he held the food quite high so I couldn't reach so I bark at him haha but finally I got to eat the food.. I am not very close to daddy cos I seldom see him, more close to uncle and mummy cos I see them everyday haha so sometimes when daddy call me, I ignore him..but I could tell that both of them dote on me ...I bet I am one blessed and fortunate dog..
then later mummy and daddy took for me my usual weekend walk...Of cos I was very excited about it..and keep jumping up and down while waiting for them to open the door to let me out...Ahhhh...so nice to go out and explore the big wide world outside... They took me for a very long walk ..We walk from Ghim Moh to sunset way and then came back via ulu Pandan/holland road..I was very tired cos today's weather was kinda hot so I kept trying to crawl underneath all the concrete benches I pass by along the way...but daddy very bad keep tugging me then let me rest a while only...Finally let me took a long rest at a sports corner near sunset way...u bet i was dead tired by then then daddy wun let me lie on the floor cos it's quite dirty but who cares...I was just plain TIRED can every sleep there woof woof...then daddy tried to carry me up the bench but the bench was too small, somehow I don't feel kinda safe lying on the bench so I jumped down myself and laid on the floor...Ahhhh rest finally..then came a old uncle who came to disturb my rest kept touching me..though it feels good but it still disturb my rest...oh well guess I was too handsome a dog woof woof..After about 5 mins we set off for home again..Saw many things along the way...saw a white bird on a grass field wanted to go chase after it but daddy pulled me back...then at Ghim Moh saw a C.A.T. guess it's a dog natural reaction, I immediately want to chase after it..but daddy was strong, I can't chase after it cos he was pulling my leash..Oh well just have to let this cat-tie go this time. After that mummy and daddy bathe for me now I am refreshed and smelling nice again...woof woof ...then daddy went back home..hope that he will buy more "treats" for me the next time he come...Ah forgot to mention, today nearly got my hands or rather paws on one of my mummy's hamster too bad mummy's hand was fast else I could have 1 less pet sharing my mummy...have to try harder next time..now training my reaction..woof woof..

Saturday, August 07, 2004

A story

Once upon a time, there is a cocker spaniel living in a HDB flat...

Suddenly, there was a cry for help


"No Worries....., woof woof....Super Dog Ronnie is on his way to the rescue"

Defeating the dog bone monster....

My hero....Thank you so much

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

words from mummy

must be wondering why there is no updates for Ronnie yesterday. oh well, no time to write cos went to grab Ronnie and his brothers n sis ( hamsters) some stuff. so no time to write on behalf of him. but nevertheless, i am very glad that someone actually read n posted in the tagboard. Thanks. I think this is a better way to keep Ronnie's previous owners informed and updated.

Ronnie has been very gd for the past few days. and we love him very much especially my mum. Ronnie has brought her memories of my deceased dog,Happy. He has also grown attached to us especially my mum and my bro when i am not around. but when i am ard, haha..i am the boss...he will follow me whereever i go...think he is afraid to sleep at nite and tends to wake me up to open my bedroom door for him to sneak in =X. He also tried smuggling up to my bed but kena chase off by me haha...cos i afraid tat at nite i will accidentically injure him when i toss ard...oh yes, he is smart too.was told by my mum that Ronnie after walk walk, he actually bought his toy and wait for my brother to play wif him ( like he did on Mon). Overall, he is alrite except for barks and chasing cats and losing himself when he sees a cat..=? . My Mum dotes on him i think more than she dotes on us ( me n my bro) haha.. cos she noes Ronnie likes to eat Meat and she is cooking for him today. Well, think he is still afraid of my dad cos my dad is more "xiong" looking..but gd lah..at least got someone to kong zhi ta else...cos i scold him also he dun care....

for te past few days, he not quite use to us leaving the house for work but now he is able to understand and oh ya, my bf also love him alot...always wanted to train him for tricks...we are trying to bcome dog trainers haha..cos we lovvvveee dogs...if there are hamsters trainer we will also b the first one to sign up...haha...

As Ronnie mention that there are MTVs abt him..pls wait cos i am still looking for free hosting site to host them.we have also took quite alot of pics of him will post them soon.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Mischevious Ronnie

Today is my third day at my New mummy house. last nite i am very naughty. keke. i tried means n ways just to sleep near my new mummy.crawling, sniffing and scratching the door n finally...i got my way to sleep in te bedroom..woof woof....

This morning rain rain ah....i went for walk walk..so cold...then come bk and lazy ard...then mummy goes off to work..sob sob..i also wan to go..but kena catch by older mummy...mummy say tonite i got chicken meat to eat leh..yummy...cant wait for dinner and young daddy to bring me for walk walk...

I got my own MTV leh...mummy goin to help me post on te net soon....buai..

Sunday, August 01, 2004


Mummy n Daddy Bought me for Walk Walk this evening....so tired....yawns..i walk n walk n walk until i got Lost.....i took MumMY n DaDDY to the wrong Route Hm....Blurz....AfTer Tat, MuMMY give Me a Bathe..cos i Stinks haha...now I smell nice nice ..Old MuMMY cuddling me Now to Sleep..NitZ NitZ

FiRst DaY @ NeW MuMMy's HoME

Hi EveryBody !! WooF WooF. I M Now at my NeW MummY's Home. My Daphine MummY bought Me here Yesterday. I aM Very Obedient except for sOmE BarKings at Nite When Old Daddy Comes Home And te NewSpaper Man Comes Woof Woof. This Morning, MuMMY bought me Down for Walk WAlk and Wee WEe...Saw Alot oF Cats Woof Woof....Hmmm...MuMMY also Buy Me BreakFast..Yummy!! ChEESE n Bread....

MuMMY also Took Some Pics of Me last Nite....heeheee..

NaMe : RoNnie Woof ???? Ishimaru Masahiro
GeNDeR : MaLe
HoBbIEs : Following Ppl (Woof Woof!),Open doors (SmArt rite?), Chase Cats(Yeah!!),
Disturb Hamsters(hehe), JoggING, BarKing @ StRangers, DoiNG Tricks (must Giv Treats ya?)...etc
EmAil : Send Me a Mail!
Current MoOd : The current mood of mickoe at www.imood.com

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