Friday, March 25, 2005

Ronnie's Pics

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

So long..woof woof

woof has been so long since i last updated this website...woof woof...has been rahter busy lately cos kor kor no more sch liao..waiting for his results sitting at home nothing to as his best "follower" must find him something to do lor...yalah...disturbing him lor..well well woof woof

chinese new yr beri happy leh..cos first time spend with my new family..furthermore got alot of ppl coming to my house and part is jie jie got 5 days to pei me..100% attention leh....i get to Zzzzz with her....on te bed, cuddle together...woof woof...nice rite? jealous leh....heeheee

Jie jie told me a secret ..dun tell anyone ok? she say she goin to buy CARCAr so can bring me go gaigai wor...shiok shiok...she say will bring me go sentosa again..woof happy....*wagging tail*.....

ok..tats all for today liao....jie jie say will post some more pics up...byes

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