Friday, November 18, 2005

Woofy..its me i got spare time to blog

gd afternoon, my faithful woof friends. how r u today? me? fine. *yawns*. papa at home today. think sch holiday liao lah.

so fast hor, i here goin 2 yrs liao leh. beri happy hor. u see my pictures. i always go gai gai, eat nice food. even mummy also cook nice food for me leh.i noe alot of ppl envy me lah. dun like tat leh...but hor, alot of them say my family pamper me
too much liao lah

oh oh..jie jie goin hongkong in jan for 5 days 4 nites leh. so meaning cannot see her for 5 days liao lor. wonder how am i goin to spend my time wor.she goin with shadow's jie jie lor. overheard her on te phone. can go buy doggie stuff for me leh. u all got watch last nite show? dunnoe wat nite city one. got one pretty girl leh ..and one hongkong leh. got show those cute cute things leh. jie jie say if i gd gd boy , she will buy for me lor. woof woof

so u all say leh? i gd boy anot? later papa goin to fetch jie jie back lor. jie jie just now call and disturb papa's ZZZ woof woof...ok liao..jie jie comin home soon..i goin walk walk liao..mama bk home liao byezzz!

Woofing away....

Ronnie woof

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Woof woof. its me again..Ronnie..aka Ron-Ni-Nie

well long time no update again liao today jie jie got kickboxing tonite. means i cannot ZZz early liao being her escort, i am beri busy one u noe? i not only need to protect her, i also need to wait for her to come home, sleep then i can sleep one u noe?

jie jie bought me to west coast dog canival last sun leh. alot of doggies there wor, huskis,cocker spaniels, maltese and chiwawa (yuck ..hate them..cos my house here got 2 terrible chiwawa that always bully me one)..anyway..still got other dogs to name all finish?

the weather is woofin hot ah...cannot tahan..i got myself so dirty..even jie jie also dun wan to sit bside me cos i so smelly wor. but after i go home i got pong pong until nice nice smell lor. beri hot ...always resting..jie jie and ma ma say brin me go out so malu wor..every doggie running..only me...wan to sit under the shade..but wat to hot...

anyway..jie jie bought nice nice food for me again...Pizza from US doggie bakery.

yummy...had them for dinner lor..and some kibbles sample...i think i beri hungry..after walk n walk so gobble everything up i dun even rem te taste of te pizza..cos makan too fast liao wor. sigh...hope jie jie next time can buy me more lor..

anyway....gtg liao...mama coming home soon to brin me go walk walk liao. byezzz

woofing away.....

Ronnie...aka Ron-ni ni

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ronnie can sing

OMG....had a gd laugh last nite...cos i was playing mp3 on my pc and this song "Purest of pain- sang by sons by four" then when comes to the chorus part, Ron starts to Woo Woo oooo to the funny.. and kept on repeating until the song finishes...

cant stop laughing cos he is so cute....he always brighten up our days with his silly tricks and behaviour...haha....seems that we cant help fallin in love with him everyday....

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