Friday, October 29, 2004

Took some pics while Ronnie is playing

I transform it to a song...hav u heard "Tearing up my heart" by nSync?? this is a new Ronnie's toy Seal...

Monday, October 25, 2004

so proud

haha..we are so proud cos alot of ppl say Ronnie's fur beri nice haha...muaaaahhhaahaha....

Yes...Ronnie is te best looking, most handsome Cocker spaniel in our Ghim Moh Estate the Mr Ghim Moh here (by us...keke) happy....

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Recent Photos

Sunday, October 17, 2004

AVA Adoption Campaign

Brought Ronnie to the AVA Adoption Campaign to mix ard with Doggies today ..but too bad...rain stay there only for a period of time only....haha...but first time Ronnie go to Bishan park..he is very excited over it cos he waiting impatiently for my parents to call home to bring him down he beri guai ..sit at the door waiting for them to come back..when the phone rings, he got so excited haha.....

Abit blur cos Ronnie kept on moving abt cos he beri excited....

haha. have to muzzle him up cos there are so many dogs there we scare Ronnie pick up their bian bian n eat ..tat day he accidently swallow someone else bian bian n vomit bo bian..have to b careful..we so xing tong over this...sob sob ..but he still beri happy there haha

Bought him homemade dog bisuits haha..he haben eat yet..cos just took 2 eggs and 2 cups of kibbles haha...scary hor.he eat so much..but he exercise alot today leh..morning walks and then afternoon go bishan park..must replenish the energy mah..

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

he is such a cutie

dun noe how to express my feelings..ahhhhh....i love Ronnie....haha....he is sooooo cute and realli always do something to melt your heart...well...i wan to say a big thanks to those ppl who bring Ronnie into my life and my family's life....Ronnie has been with us for going to be 3 mths soon...he is adapting to our lifestyle and getting brighter and smarter each day.

1. Hazel -> Thank you so much for telling me that your brother's friend's friend is giving up Ronnie for adoption

2. Hazel 's Brother -> Thank you so much for the connection and helping me to get the contact Info

3. Doris -> Thank you so much for everything u have done for Ronnie and introducing Daphne ( also Mona) to me..thank your for your training help and the outing for cocker spainel....

4. Daphne (Mona) and Keith -> Thank you so much for giving Ronnie to me...and visiting Ronnie..Thank you so much ...Daphne....u are realli a great friend!! i am so glad to know u and keith..u both are such great ppl...

5. Ronnie -> Thank you so much for being my friend, my brother and my mummy's son...we love u ..smuaks smuaks...thank you so much for your kisses every day..smuaks....thank you for your cute and silly tricks that u trying to surprise us every day

Monday, October 11, 2004

its me again...Ronnie..woof woof

Miss Me? woof woof...long time neber write liao cos sister and brother using the pc then i cannot use...sob sob..but lucky today sis gone for work and bro gone for sch liao. i alone at home I am the king...keke...well...sun i beri bad..cos i bite mummy's hand..sis and bro got beri angry and ignore me for the whole matter how much i plead, they also dun tok to me..sob sob.....then bro went for swim swim lor...sis and mum and pa pa goes to daphne ma ma's house cos her baby month due wor..leave me alone at house...lucky ge ge comes home after his swim to pei me...then shortly they also come home lor. sis say she took some joyous photo leh ( my friend friend)..and she say when she got time then post here. heng ah....afternoon, they not angry with me else i dun noe wat to do ah....walk here and there also cannot ....

then mama say we going swim swim at sentosa after ge ge finish his exams this yr ge say wan to bring me go swim swim mah..then jie jie say singapore's sea water beri dirty can only swim swim at sentosa lor...yeah!! so happy..woof woof...

jie jie also buy me alot of treats leh..then hor mama ans jie jie say i grown fatter liao cos my harness cannot fit in...too tight..must re-adjust again...they all hor...beri troublesome one leh...i beri skinny then they say i beri they say i fat yo...

**** Photo -> from jie jie

Saturday, October 02, 2004

wat can i say? pics speaks a thousand words - here is Ronnie's thousand words haha

NaMe : RoNnie Woof ???? Ishimaru Masahiro
GeNDeR : MaLe
HoBbIEs : Following Ppl (Woof Woof!),Open doors (SmArt rite?), Chase Cats(Yeah!!),
Disturb Hamsters(hehe), JoggING, BarKing @ StRangers, DoiNG Tricks (must Giv Treats ya?)...etc
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