Monday, February 18, 2013

of interesting conversation between me and Ronnie tru a dog whisperer

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i was thinking whether to share this here in my blog but after long thoughts, i decided to and hope my experience can help may other dog owners if they have existing problems with their dogs and wishes to give up. I also hope that this will also let them know that there is still ways to help them and never give their dogs up when their dogs having agressive and other problems.

As you read previously from my blog, Ronnie had seizures previously and each seizure will cost damage to his brain and his behaviour. From a very manja dog, he will turn into a very autistic dog and turn very agressive suddenly. Me and my mum suffered 2 big bites from him after his last seizure incident. despite this, i never wanted to give up cos he is very precious to me. and so, i took the approach "body talk". Body talk is a technique that uses body to heal itself. I wouldnt say that it is not working but is just that the process takes time and i really need to find out what Ronnie is thinking about and i just want to talk to him.

So i got a dog whisperer contact from SOSD Dr Siew. If you watch the video about old boy, you will get what i mean! without hesitation, i drop the dog whisperer an email. She uses telepathy to talk to dogs and i find it very amusing on what Ronnie wants and thinks.

so these are the questions i need to ask Ronnie
Is he ok to live with me once i get my house? is he ok to be alone in the house when i go to work whole day? Is he ok if i get him another companion to keep him company so that he wont feel alone at home, i promise my love for him will never change. then we would also want to find out why is he so aggressive previously and if he can show us any signals that he is feeling sick or down or moody. also can help me ask him not to bark super early in the morning cos the neighbours will complain.

and this is his reply (tru the dog whisperer) lol
Ronnie : he wld like to stay with u.. he say if u get companion for him must be female, pretty and docile. He say he needs to protect himself thats why he behave aggressive.. he feel its his job to wake the family up for the day that's why he barks..

then i asked another question

Me: oh i hit a problem le
he attempt to bite me this morning while i try to clean his ears...
can help me ask also?

Ronnie: meds sting his ear
Me : can ask then how?
i want to clean his ear but he always turn agressive. i scare

he doesnt want d meds tats why.. n he knows u scared so he do on purpose so u wont wanna apply for him

aiyo then how? no clean his ears then smelly wor

hahaha.. he ask u just flip his ears up n air it can alr

then hor, can help me ask him nt to bark and just wake me up by rubbing his face against my hand? haha

Ronnie:hahaha.. he say that wont work.. u wont wake up.. lol

so he is ok if stay alone at home hor?
i just get him a company to pei him la. so he no scare..

he doesn't mind a gf..
u can consider.. find one tt gets a long w him.. but he says must b pretty n docile...
he say if u bring a boy home.. he will kick d boy out of the hse.. hahahah
he say d girls he met r not pretty.
must be like princess type..cos he is very handsome.. so only pretty girls can suit him
he more keen on white fluffy type
can b black one? mongrel? dazzle abit big la. but she very sweet
ehhh..dont know what is his stnard of pretty ..faint
(Dazzle is a mongrel i sponser at a shelter)
he say if dazzle let him bully den can consider...
he mus b d big boss
dazzle very ke lian le.
she at shelter kena bullied by other dogs le
thats y i want to bring her back to pei him..
he say he wont bite her like shelter dogs..
he has class...
those jack rusells u ask him is it low class?
he say those r stupid dogs
so noisy
n ugly n fat..

then his friend rufus also ma
last time also seldom liao
rufus adore him treat him like king so he ok
haha. he is a very very unique dog that i m very grateful that he comes into my life.
or he choose to come into my life. very precious and rare.
Ronnie:hehe yes. he has quite a character.. he loves u v much
i love him too
can ask u something? howcome when we talk to him, he will make this "grrrhhhh' sound?
its not growl sound right.. he say he is replyin u
he ask me to tell u he is more handsome den ur bf... lol!!!
Simply cannot stand my Ronnie boy funny.
Anyway, my point here is that, never give up your dog so easily. they really do understand you and love you alot. just that the way they express their love is not the same like human beings. they do feel for you like u feel for them. =)
last but not least. will photobomb you with my precious Ronnie boi. Thanks TT, for your help!


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Friday, April 13, 2012

of Ronnie's updates

well, this post is about Ronnie. My poor Ronnie. just had a operation last week. The lump on his paw suddenly grow very fast and it bursted. he was bleeding non stop and had to ave a emergency operation to remove the toe and now he is left with 3 on his paw. i made the decision to save his life, not knowing if the lump is posing a danger to his life or not but i just remove it to have a safe piece of mind.

 my brave ronnie, now recovering from the operation and i am glad that everything turns out well and he is on the route to recovery. at least if i go overseas, i know that he is fine.

no matter 4 toe or 3 toe, he is always my brave Ronnie boy and i love him

i love Ronnie and i love my PEN

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy vday!

From me and Ronnie!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

a picture of ronnie before i go to work ;)

a picture of my ronnie before i head out of the room for work. Can u believe it? i bought a 45mm f1.8 just to take pictures of him? see? the picture is so nice right?

Saturday, April 09, 2011



Friday, August 15, 2008

Ronnie in for a swim

Friday, June 20, 2008


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